Late Bloomer Club


I am a late bloomer..


I'm not high in this picture.  I'm not drunk and I'm not tired.  I use it simply as a way of illustrating that timing is everything.  And I say this knowing that perfect timing doesn't exist.  My life never ran according to schedule.  I did things the hard way.  People were there to offer advice but I was hardheaded, and learned better through blunder.  My potential has always been through the roof, but I've spent all of my time in the basement.  I'm  a late bloomer.  It's not from any lack of talent or motivation, it's just simply how my story played out.  But  I'm not here to make excuses, I'm here to bring my ideas to fruition.  I'm here to DRAG NUTS ACROSS THE GLOBE IN EPIC FASHION, leaving a trail of crushed egos in my path.   If you can feel that then you can join me.  Welcome to The Late Bloomer Club.